Scuba diving, and much more !

Because an adevnturer swim better with his fins than his hands.

Underwater swimming is a unique sensation, midway between rebirth and undiscovered world exploration, halfway between meditation and extrem sport, we all should have the oportunity to live this extraordinary experience.

That's perfect, you can do it in Puerto Lopez and discover the wonders of the ecuadorian submarin landscape and wildlife, on the coast and Isla de la Plata, Salango, Ahorcados, etc. Come and learn to dive inside the Machalilla National Park and discover Isla de la Plata also named "little Galapagos".

You can also initiate yourself into underwater photography to cary with you those incredible remembers, it is even though better than grab corals and steal hermit crab houses.


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You like photography ? Want to explore the underwater world from the infinitely large to the infinitely small ? Come to reveal the vibrant colors of the underwater world.

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We have always worked with two local divers over 25 years of experience, old fisherman converted to conservationisme. Both say they know sites like their pocket, or even better!

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